Art Deco in Napier

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From the iconic buildings to the spirit of the people, the Art Deco experience in Napier is truly enchanting.

Exploring the Timeless Beauty of Art Deco in Napier: A Journey to the Roaring ’20s

Take a step back in time and immerse yourself in the captivating world of Art Deco, uncovering the must-see gems that make Napier a paradise for aficionados of this iconic design movement.

Art Deco Guided Tours

To truly grasp the essence of Napier’s Art Deco heritage, we recommend starting your journey with a guided tour. Knowledgeable guides will lead you through the city’s historic streets, providing fascinating insights into Art Deco architecture’s origins, motifs, and significance. As you stroll along the palm-lined avenues, you’ll be transported back to the roaring ’20s and ’30s, a time of glamour, exuberance, and sophistication.

Art Deco Masonic Hotel

One of the most iconic landmarks in Napier is the Art Deco Masonic Hotel. Step inside and be transported to an era of opulence and grandeur. This beautifully restored hotel captures the essence of Art Deco design, from its elegant facade to the meticulously decorated interiors. Enjoy a refreshing beverage at the hotel’s bar, which boasts stunning views of the Pacific Ocean, or dine in style at the hotel’s restaurant.

National Tobacco Company Building

The National Tobacco Company Building is a masterpiece of Art Deco architecture, featuring intricate geometric patterns and stylized motifs. This building is located on Emerson Street and is popular among photographers and history enthusiasts. Admire the detailing on the facade and the tall clock tower as a symbol of resilience and progress.

Art Deco Centre

A visit to the Art Deco Centre is a must for a comprehensive understanding of Napier’s Art Deco history. Housed in the beautifully restored Municipal Theatre, the centre offers interactive displays, exhibitions, and informative presentations on the city’s rebuilding after the earthquake. The gift shop also lets you take home a piece of Art Deco-inspired memorabilia.

The Soundshell and Sunken Garden

Located in Marine Parade, the Soundshell and Sunken Garden are perfect examples of Art Deco landscaping. The sunken garden, with its symmetrical patterns and well-manicured lawns, provides a tranquil spot for relaxation. The Soundshell Amphitheatre, adorned with classic Art Deco elements, is a popular venue for concerts and events, adding a touch of nostalgia to modern-day performances.

Daily Parade Tours

To fully immerse yourself in the Art Deco experience, consider joining one of the daily parade tours that depart from the Art Deco Centre. Led by guides dressed in vintage costumes, these tours take you on a delightful journey through the city’s streets, highlighting the unique features of various Art Deco buildings and sharing captivating stories from the past.

Art Deco Festival

If you visit Napier in February, you’re in for a treat! The city hosts an annual Art Deco Festival, a multi-day extravaganza that celebrates the glamour and glitz of the 1920s and ’30s. During the festival, the streets come alive with vintage cars, jazz music, and Art Deco fashion, providing an unforgettable experience for visitors of all ages.

Napier’s Art Deco heritage is a rare and treasured gem; exploring the city is like stepping into a time capsule. So, grab your vintage hat and step back in time to revel in the timeless beauty of Art Deco!

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