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Embark on a family biking journey that takes you through some of Hawke's Bay's most iconic locations.

The perfect way to bond with your family while enjoying this stunning region of New Zealand. From coastal tracks with panoramic ocean views to serene riverside paths and charming vineyard routes, the region boasts a variety of cycling options that allow you to experience the diverse landscapes that make Hawke’s Bay so special.

Trails for All Abilities

Whether your family consists of seasoned cyclists or little ones just starting to ride, Hawke’s Bay offers a range of trails suitable for all abilities. For beginners and younger riders, there are flat, easy-going tracks with gentle gradients and plenty of opportunities for breaks and picnics. If your family craves more excitement and adventure, there are intermediate and advanced trails that will provide a thrilling biking experience, with twists, turns, and occasional challenges to conquer.

A Scenic Tour through Local Gems

Embark on a family biking journey that takes you through some of Hawke’s Bay’s most iconic locations. From the picturesque coastline of Napier’s Marine Parade to the serene Tukituki River trail, each route offers a unique perspective of the region’s beauty and cultural heritage. Don’t forget to pack your camera, as there will be countless opportunities to capture memorable moments against stunning backdrops.

After an exhilarating day of biking, treat your family to well-deserved delights at the local cafes, restaurants, or wineries along the biking routes. Hawke’s Bay is renowned for its exceptional culinary scene, offering delicious food and refreshing beverages that will rejuvenate and satisfy your hunger after a day of active exploration.

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